What’s in my Camera Bag?

If you haven’t already, check out the tab at the top of my blog labeled “My Photography Equipment” if you would like to check out all of my latest gear and even purchase these products for yourself!

I’ve used a lot of equipment over the years working with other photographers and different studio shoots. Some of their stuff I really enjoyed like the Canon 1Dx, the 5D Mark III, and the Bowen’s lights that could literally power a whole warehouse up. But out of all that stuff, something just brought me back to my first love which is Nikon. Pretty soon I’m looking to upgrade to a full frame DSLR but for now, I’m working with my first love, Picasso, and a few of his friends that I use on a day-to-day basis!


picassoThis here folks is Picasso, I’ve had this model for about two years now after I had a mishap with my old equipment. He has a 24.1 megapixed DX-format image sensor, shoots up to 6 frames per second for up to 100 continuous shots, an ISO range from 100 to 6400, and 1080p videos with full-time autofocus and built-in stereo mic. I’ve used this model for everything ranging from weddings, receptions, portraits, landscape shots, and even food staging. It’s a great model and the colors Picasso produces is unmatched. Better than Canon in my opinion. 

Nikon 50 mm f 1.8/D Lens

50mmAll I can say about this piece is that although it’s not one of the big fancy lenses you see people walking around with all the time, it sure is mighty. This was my first lens when I got Picasso and I’ve been shooting with it ever since. This is a super high-speed lens with brilliant color rendition and beautiful resolution. If you’re a big fan of portraits like me, this one really gets the job done.

Tamron  Macro 16-300mm IS Interchangeable Lens for Nikon

wideangleThis is a new purchase of mine which I completely stumbled on since I was looking for a different lens altogether. This is a wide-angle lens that I bought through best buy that I would say has to be my best purchase to date (next to Picasso).  I had looked up a few reviews on this piece as wasn’t super impressed by what my counterparts had shot with the piece but the quality on this guy was undeniable. When I first got it, hands down the resolution and color rendition blew me away. With the multiple layers of coating to produce sharp images and the vibration composition, I have yet to change this lens off the body. It’s a pretty fun piece of gear with a lot of diverse use!

Neewer® PRO i-TTL Flash Deluxe Kit for NIKON

external-flashNothing beats a super quick super flexible external flash. When I first started out, I had absolutely no clue on how to use the external flash. Literally I was so terrified of it. But, as time has progressed and certain events I’ve shot have forced me to adapt to using it, it’s really no way I would survive without it now. This is a super powerful flash with High Guide No. 58 (m) / 190ft(at 105mm focal length,ISO 100 in meters/feet). My number one piece of advice with this guy here is to make sure you have a diffuser. It makes the difference between a half lit, half black photo and a perfectly balanced light throughout the entire photo. Also, always make sure you keep an extra set of AA batteries! When shooting for hours, this guy can get exhausted and slow down on how fast the flash goes off. Make sure you have extra batteries so that your flash stays quick.

These are just a few of the things I use daily for my photo of the day or either just general small shoots around the city. Let me know what you use in the comments!




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