March Monthly Goals

I’ve found that speaking things into existence is a real thing! With Spring around the corner and so much on the agenda its best to jot down my to-do list. Who knows, with so much potential ahead these goals may just be the start of what could really be accomplished!

March Goals, business:

  • Purchase Studio Lighting for Office (Need to set up in-home studio for product placement inquiries)
  • Complete Four Photo projects for the month
  • Publish 8 blog posts this month
  • Launch new brand expansion plan
  • Create Marketing Plan for new business venture
  • Create swatch and working physical portfolio for new potential client viewing
  • Website & blog refresh intensive
  • Update portfolio
  • Submit to New York Times and the Washingtonian
  • Shoot at minimum 5 Private Events

March Goals, personal:

  • Continue working out 3x/week
  • Drink 90+ oz of water per day
  • Continue writing in journal daily
  • Continue daily meal prep (not including weekends)
  • Continue mosaic gallery for the wall
  • Plan out Barbados series
  • Take yourself on at least 1 date this month


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