10 Tips I Wish I Had When I First Picked Up a Camera

Here are a few tips that I have shared with other aspiring photographers who ask me questions about my craft. In reflecting on the advice I give, I figured this would be a great way to spread a little knowledge to those who are now in my old shoes:

  1. Learn to shoot on Manual
  2. Practice as often as possible
  3. Every shot won’t be a great shot
  4. Take your camera EVERYWHERE YOU GO!
  5. Learn about composition
  6. Read read read (if you want to master it, you gotta read about it)
  7. Find out what your Niche is (everybody doesn’t like shooting people and everyone doesn’t like shooting plants)
  8. Invest in equipment to enhance your skill level and the look you are going for
  9. Adobe suite is your best friend (its imperative to be well skilled in the many wonders of Adobe)
  10. You’ll learn more by being consistent and growing over time than by rushing the process of learning who you are as a photographer. Everything takes time, finding your eye, your skill set and what makes you passionate about the craft. Pace yourself.

If there are any other tips you all have please feel free to leave them in the comments!


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