The Journey to Self in NYC

Finding your way back to your self is probably one of the hardest tasks I’ve probably faced since graduating. Getting back to your routine, what you like to do, what makes you laugh, what makes you smile. Your happiness. It’s especially hard when you felt like you already knew these things. Since moving to NY I’ve experienced a number of eye openers that have made my journey back to self one for the books. Between not picking up my camera for over two months, to getting stranded in the streets of NY hours away from any sight of home. To being lost both where you are and where I thought I was going in my passion.

I came to NY for one reason and one reason alone. To take photos. To soak up as much of this big city as I possibly could and allow it to grow me up in the process. Make me who I was supposed to be you know? After all people always say “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” So, I’m using this space now as an open letter to the growth that I will have, the growth I’ve experienced so far and the beauty of this journey thats yet to come. I’m sure it won’t be easy but, at least today I picked my camera up again. Walked 5 miles to the Brooklyn bridge and fell in love with Picasso (my camera) all over again. It was needed. After 52 days of being here, it finally started to feel like a new home. Soon enough, who knows, you may see some of my work in Times Square. Stay Tuned.

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