People always say if you want something, speak it into existence. Whether it be money, cars, big homes, or just simple happiness. Speak it, believe it, trust it, and it shall come to pass. Now, I’m not particularly one with the biggest amount of faith but I do believe in whatever you put into the universe, you get back.

I recently picked up this book called “The Magic of Thinking Big”. Now, ok, maybe not “just” picked it up (I’ve had it for a while) BUT I actually started to read it. I’m not one for reading things in one setting (my attention span is literally half a second) but I did receive an important takeaway which was to “think success, not failure.” Now this may seem small in context but if you think about it, if you think you are going to have a good day, you are more likely to have a good day. If you start off your day on the wrong side of the bed, your whole day goes down the drain more likely than not. So the obvious deciding factor in this is you and how you think. It may sound easier said than done but as I continued to ponder, just like everything in life, it all happens day by day. Just like waking up everyday, getting your day going, self-love, and happiness. Where you want your life to go is also a part of that.

When you water a plant, you have to water and wait and water and wait and water and …you guessed it, wait. It takes patience. Just like everything else in life, whatever you want to grow in life you have to nurture it. That not only applies to the physical but to your dreams, your goals, that itch that keeps you at night that you push back like “nah, that’s wild, but it would be nice if I could make that happen.” When you speak into your life what you want to manifest, you are already halfway there to it being sown into your life. Like a plant, I’ve realized you have to take a stand for where you are and where you want to be and stand firm in it. Dig your heels into it. It creates focus. I know when I get a  photo project in my head, I become obsessed with everything about it. Who I want to shoot, how my set up will be, my angles, the execution. I can see it happening before I even get the chance to watch it manifest in the physical. I love it. It’s that itch for me. That itch that I long to continue to scratch for the rest of my life.

So lets speak it into existence, here are some of my growth goals before this year commences. Here are my starting points to greatness:

  • Connect with two major brands and stage 4 lifestyle shoots for my urban catalog
  • Produce seasonality content photebook centered around lifestyle urban wear
  • Do brand marketing and photography (as volunteer work) for two up incoming restaurants
  • Produce snapchat short film series (centered around animated stills)
  • Produce 5 photo stories centered around the Art and Power of Self Love
  • Be apart of the Mens Fashion Week production team for next year
  • Shoot at least 1 fashion show before the year is over
  • Actively focus on taking at least 1 picture every single day

For me, these are just starters. There’s no telling what I will do and what I will excel on. But, this is my way of speaking it into existence. If you guys want to share your growth goals too, leave them in the comments. It can be a good way of sowing seeds together!


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