Faith Without Works…

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned thus far is that life doesn’t just…happen. I mean, of course you could just let it happen i.e. letting it pass you by. But, for the things we want to happen in our lives, it always requires some effort on our part.  Everything in life is a process. Getting older, learning how to read, write, love, cope, and just learning how to be you. It’s all a step by step. But, for the things we want to shape our futures and if we want to create a reality out of the dreams we have, I’ve learned it takes a little more of a proactive human touch.


Speaking things into existence may sound cliche. But, there’s a difference between claiming something and letting it fall by the wayside vs. putting something into the atmosphere, working on it, and inviting what’s meant for you to come into your life. In the process of talking to my parents and loved one’s I’ve learned that we can’t create positive spaces if we don’t have a positive inner base to start with. Self doubt has always proven to be an assassin of self-love and self-care. In order for the invitation to outside happiness and outside love and prosperity into our life’s to be fulfilled, in the words of my mother, “You have to make sure your house is clean first”. It’s always good to extend the invitation for positive change and abundant life, health and strength into our homes but there has to be a place for it to be invited to first. Positivity breeds more positivity and change comes when your thinking does.


When you invite the things you desire the most in your life, the next phase is to experience the change. Now, the interesting thing about change is that it requires a level of uncomfortability that a lot of us don’t really care to go through. We can ask for change all day every day but once it comes, you have to prepare yourself to change as well. When you grew up you had to experience a change in your voice, your shoe size, the amount of pimples on your forehead, your belief that Santa and the tooth fairy were real. Your thinking changed, your life changed, you matured. But as an adult, although we sometimes think this is the final stage in life, this is really just prime time for our learning to really take shape and mold us in where we are.

The only thing consistent in life is change. In the world but mostly within. Change seems to happen a lot faster and more noticeable during the adolescent years but its important to realize that the growth never ceases no matter how old you are. When you ask for something to shift in your life, assessing where you are to receive these things, how you are perceiving them, and how you react when the changes come is 99% of the battle in a nut shell. The last part that comes with this shift is faith. When asking for something and putting in into the atmosphere, believing it’ll take form, and acting on it is powerful to prosperity.

Having faith in your vision and putting in the actual work to get there go hand in hand in securing the bag to success. Rome wasn’t built over night, and it definitely wasn’t built alone and by faith by itself. If you want something to transpire, go, do, be. When the day comes to be rewarded, it’ll make the benefits sweeter than it being handed to you or sat on with no actions. 

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